Winter without water.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:23 am    Post subject: Winter without water. Reply with quote

I spoke to a customer of mine in Michigan and one in Nebraska today. They both said it was 50 degrees, little no snow or rain this year, and last year at this time it was all zero degrees. USA ski resorts that don't make snow are empty. Alaska got ten more feet than usual, so all the moisture is being routed North. Europe is freakshow cold.

After seeing the off the charts chemtrail spraying in CA. ahead of the few chances for rain this year, it feels like the powers that were are throwing all the s#it at the fan, and the last 10-15 years of regional high pressure systems created by Haarp, Gwen, ELF, all the other nasty towers were cute names have just been a rehearsal. Now we have a continent wide diversion of moisture through the use of high pressure systems generated by triangulating an area and diverting the moisture, like they have been doing locally for close to a decade between L.A, Vegas, and Phoenix. It appears all the local high pressure systems have all tiled together in a giant mosaic to deprive the USA of water. Around election time this falI, there should be lots of fun. I can't wait until the parasites are in the Hague or greeting at Walmart. What an exciting time to be alive. -january-on-record/
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