Hello friends! My Name is Tian and I live in Canada.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:37 pm    Post subject: Hello friends! My Name is Tian and I live in Canada. Reply with quote

Hello friends, my name is Tian. I am a Canadian male and almost 19 years of age. I began my awakening process probably a year ago when I found out that GRAINS are actually very UNHEALTHY and HARMFUL to the human body. Grains get converted into glucose(sugar) when you eat them and is one of the big reasons why obesity is an epidemic. It spikes your insulin when consumed and that leads to fat gains. Instead we should be eating plenty of meat and SATURATED fats and vegetables, nuts, and fruits. I found this out after watching a documentary named "Fat Head", and was shocked that our government recommended these so called foods called grains as healthy in our "Canadian Food Guide". I kept wondering why would they give us this misinformation, don't they realize its shortening and killing many peoples lives?! Then it came to my realization that the government do not care about their citizens AT ALL. All they really care about is profiting from us, so they make us sick and weak by any means possible and make us pay for medicine which is really just poison in general.

After that huge realization, I started looking into 9/11 conspiracy videos, Illuminati depopulation agenda, Alex Jones videos, and then I finally came across Orgonite when I was searching for an answer on how to deal with Chemtrails. From a life full of sadness and having suicidal thoughts at times I have found hope through Orgonite. When I first discovered Orgonite I was so amazed and empowered since I can now actually do something to help stop the Illuminati! Of course before that I tried to awaken some of my friends and family members but the majority don't believe me at all.

Unfortunately though I am still skeptical about Orgonite at this moment because I haven't noticed much of its effects. Although it's probably because I only own one orgonite pendant and there is just so much negative energy around me that I cannot realize the effects.

But no worries my friends, my skeptical side hasn't stopped me from deciding to make orgonites for myself. I hope I will notice a dramatic change in my life after I have done so and start gifting my area when I can. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:38 am    Post subject: Hi Tian Reply with quote

Hi Tian.

I am from Denmark, a country were most people sleep a lot still.

I woke up like you, starting with becoming sick, and then having time surfing the internet on 9/11, and then further and further. I had to start to meditate and do yoga to bee better, now i am on a liver thing, good to get stones out from the liver, i think my liver and kidneys is the problem, because i get poison out in my body from all foods. Use hulkda clarcks methods, ore Andreas Moritz.

I tried to get out of the body through activating the third eya and the crown crown chakra.
I did it young mushrooms, (dmt), and it was amazing, i now know why they poison us, it is so we can't use our own powers. We are everything and we are all connected, i have heard that so many times, now i say it my self because i know it is true, i have felt it.

Orgonite is amasing, by more, i bought 50 tower busters, and gave a lot away, but have still a lot in my house, sometimes i have to take some away from my sleeping room because of too much energy. try sleeping with it under your pillow, ore amethyst stone is also good, see what happens. All the best iamthematrix
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