"At the King's Command"

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:42 pm    Post subject: "At the King's Command" Reply with quote

(excerpt from Inspire Yourself, by Vernon Howard)

"Several hundred years ago a French king ordered the construction of a canal. It ran from a distant river to the interior of the castle.

One summer an enemy army surrounded the castle, cutting off the water from the canal. The defenders of the castle grew increasingly worried as the water supply ran low. Talk of surrender spread around the castle. On a day when the situation seemed hopeless, the king ordered everyone to assemble in the courtyard.

At the king's command, some soldiers lifted a covering on the ground to expose a secret well. 'There is ample water here,' announced the king, 'which the enemy cannot touch.'

Finally realizing that the castle had an inner supply of water, the enemy departed in defeat.

Since no one can successfully attack the truth, our oneness with truth insures our safety."

I would say that in order to develop ourselves to where we're living in truth, we need to do battle with the dark forces within us. That's not a passive process of immersion in the forces of the gods as it was for the ancients. Ours is a new challenge, to redeem the King within us to take up his rightful command.

But the resources we need are all within, as Vernon Howard teaches, and I thought this was a great image to remember when the doom and gloom mindset strikes.

I highly recommend his books, by the way - the titles and covers are a little cheesy, but the writing is excellent.

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