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The military form of Remote Viewing as taught to the public is only what they allow us to know, of course. A lady named Prudence Calabrese went beyond the military protocols and developed "Blending" or what our group has renamed "Consciousness Merging" techniques. No one else that I have heard of offers this type of training. You are able to merge your consciousness with any person, intelligent entity, place or thing. Quantum physics has an explanation for this, too. Everything in the Universe is connected with everything else. Given that everything has identity and everything is influenced by external forces, it follows that everything has consciousness.

And should you choose to merge with a sentient being, our methods for Conscious Merging were designed with a "permission factor" built right in.

When I studied Remote Viewing from the retired military folks I was not encouraged to even attempt to evolve their protocols, I was told "They're perfect! And if something's not broken, don't try to fix it." Therefore I and a lot of other students reached a plateau where we just could not get any better or progress any more with our skills. Prudence however encouraged us to always continue to evolve the methods of Remote Viewing, once you had already mastered what she taught us. So with that encouragement and knowing what she did with Consciousness Merging, our group then developed "Paperless Remote Viewing" or PRV. You can read all about it and even download the transcripts of two actual PRV sessions at this link:

There is something the military style RV schools teach called Extended Remote Viewing or ERV which is a term coined by Fred Atwater while he was training officer for Stargate at Ft. Meade, Maryland. In the military taught Remote Viewing system ERV is done at the end of an RV session done with paper which normally takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

PRV is done without the need to use paper to get the ball rolling. That is as long as the Viewer is experienced and has sufficient sessions under their belt. In that case the Viewer has enough experience with communications between their conscious and subconscious minds to just relax, get themselves into an altered state using their method of choice, and then the monitor can start right in with the questioning. This saves a lot of paper, and trees! The only paper that is used is after the PRV question and answer period. The Viewer then makes sketches of everything remembered which only uses a couple pieces of paper while everything is still fresh in their mind.

So far this is working very well and our Viewers are relieved that they can graduate and get past the crutch of paper RV.


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