The Planetary Grid Transmissions

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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2008 4:29 pm    Post subject: The Planetary Grid Transmissions Reply with quote

The Planetary Grid Transmissions
New Moon Tuesday, June 3

A 24 hour transmission period of New Earth energy

with Unified Meditation in three world times...
Sydney 8 pm, Paris 8 pm, New York 9 pm

Unified Planetary Focus
Expanding and Strengthening our Grid Networks of Light
Sending our Love to the World

Greater Call for Unification
Expanding our Grid Networks of Light

Due to its impressive results and far reaching effect, people from all over the world are answering the call to participate in The Planetary Grid Project. This influential program delivers intentional transmissions of New Earth energy across the planetary Crystalline Grid every new and full moon.

During this time of accelerating earth change and our collective ability to lesson potential devastating effect, we are encouraged to unite in greater numbers and to continue expanding this program with increased levels of participation.

Imagine That!

It takes only 8,000 people, the square root of 1% of the world's population, meditating on world peace to bring that peace into every square foot of the world!

This claim is supported by over 50 demonstration projects and numerous published scientific studies by renowned scientists like physicist and public policy expert, Dr. John Hagelin; scientist, Gregg Braden; and researcher, Lynne MacTaggart.

There are now nearly 6,000 people on the planetary grid mailing list with Children of the Sun. We have enough people needed to effect world transformation on mass scale!
Leading scientists who are studying the Unified Field say that meditation and intentional focus are THE two most powerful and scientifically proven methods for creating REAL changes in this world.

Yes, imagine that!
The Grid is Strengthening...
Let's Keep Shining!

Reflecting and amplifying our ascending levels of consciousness, the Crystalline Grid continues to activate towards its full potential as more and more people consciously connect into it. The more that we can strengthen this massive net of light through increased people unification, the more graceful and stable our advancement into the higher light frequencies will be... for us individually, for our communities, for humanity and for Gaia.

This is more than us getting together for meditation. We are creating and sustaining a massive forcefield to conduct the qualified powers of the sacred fire through it and into the world at large. The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through our grid unification is to amplify the power of Light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will help bring increased spiritual awakening to the masses.

Additionally, these bi-monthly transmissions of New Earth energy help us, as a unified whole, advance into the new Divine-Human multidimensional blueprint while remaining balanced and stabilized during these accelerated times of great transformation.

handsAs a collective, and through our grid of light unification, we can assist in transmuting discordant energy and help bring accelerated peace and healing to areas of the world affected by the planetary shift during its necessary restructuring process.

As we also know, anytime there is heart centered group focus, the power of the intent and resultant effect is multiplied exponentially.

This continually activating crystalline grid is our bridging vehicle to effectively and efficiently reach the multitude!

Building our Grid Networks of Light

We are being asked to continue expanding our grid networks of Light as part of this lunar activity. Please help by inspiring others to join you in this important planetary activity every new and full moon.

Our Mission on the Grid

Guiding the LightWe, as the human portals and radiators of this crystalline energy, can direct tremendous amounts of transforming energy from the grid to certain people, places and events. We can also be charged and recharged with endless energy as we connect into the grid and go about our mission in the outer world.

The grid is a storehouse of the entire knowledge of the planet and holds the template for the New Earth energetics. By synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions on to the grid, this creates a unified harmonic frequency that connects our collective Higher Light into one forcefield.

On the grid, we have easier access to all knowledge. We have easier access to unlimited energy. We open up to our highest Divine-Human potential. We become energy alchemists and masters of manifestation ~ as ONE UNIFIED BEAM OF LIGHT.

By continually connecting to the grid and using this as our bridge into the new Earth reality, we will make profound and accelerated impact upon our individual process, planet Earth and that of the mass awakening of humanity.

Light Body Activation - Gifted Sessions

solar orgasmWith intentional building of the Light Body, you can dramatically accelerate your shift into higher consciousness and embody more completely the New Earth crystalline frequencies.

During the new moon transmissions, nearly 400 international members of Children of the Sun's "Light Body Activation Team" will be on the Grid with intention to help activate codes of Light and initiate further spiritual opening to all those desiring to receive greater Light Body activation.

Each activation takes place during a one hour period during each of the three grid meditation times around the world.
Light body activation works in partnership with your conscious intent, Higher Self and divine guidance channels.

The amount of energy received and integrated will be aligned to your highest good in this now moment of your personal transformation and transfiguration process.
Initiated by Children of the Sun...

The Planetary Grid Transmissions are created from the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness and our collective intentional field of Love. It is a program for humanity and in service to humanity.

Please feel free to use this Planetary Grid Transmission Program however it best serves you personally, your community, your group network. These are transmissions freely gifted from our collective higher self of the light and the realms of illumined truth to assist us in our shift to higher consciousness.
gold grid crop
See you on the Grid!!

From the Heart of the Sun,

C h i l d r e n o f t h e S u n
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this is as real as it gets. things like this are what we all just need to be doing. So refreshing to read this and know that other people are making a serious effort. I just want to pray and pray and connect with the rest of you and i think about this all the time. Again its just so refreshing reading this and thinking about all the friends i havent physically met yet out there trying to heal this planet and create the heaven that we CAN have. i am with you. let us join in daily meditation! let the moon watch us every night and the sun every day Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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