Dream - Cell phone towers 09/29/09 & Gifting experience

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:54 pm    Post subject: Dream - Cell phone towers 09/29/09 & Gifting experience Reply with quote

Peace to all of you beautiful people ~

I wanted to share and hopefully receive some feedback on a dream that I had last night.

My dreams jump around a bit. There will be a driving story, but the locations and people I speak with will change (like Tom Clancy's writings). I forgot most of the main story line in this dream, but some fragments stuck with me vividly. My parents are having marital issues, and a woman was speaking to me about these. We were on some sort of highway, very large man made path. I was asking her questions and she was responding, normal social questions, almost like personal preferences. My dream flashes over to my Dad and he and I are doing something. I then flash over to a good friend of mine, and he is laughing and telling me about his day. Now I flash back to this woman, and I notice we are on train tracks. I am in the train and she is not. She is backing away from the train and will not speak to me or respond to my questions. I am quite curious and confused. My cell phone rings and I answer, it is the woman (I'm sure this was telepathy but in the social context of our times and normal social communication). She is very quick, stern. She says those things up there are influencing your thoughts. I gave a glance up ahead and see cell phone towers - most memorably the small black spheres that are attached to them. I immediately understood her message. She continued to back away and did not come back, and I was standing in this train, looking through it, fixated on these towers.

I have been trying to gauge the effect of these towers recently. I did my first gifting of a monster tower near my apartment that has 5 different layers of the skinny white rectangles "blasting" in all directions. As I walked near the tower, a group of deer lept and bound towards the woods and I took this as a great start. As I dug the hole near the tower, I felt extremely strong and daring. I was holding a wooden stake and listening to music. Extremely focused and with sharp pure intentions of healing. As I placed the TB down into the ground my ipod changed songs to one of my favorite, soothing songs. A great sign to me that a shift had instantly occured. I started off aloof back towards my car, and only about 20 steps later I felt an immense pain in my head. Very sharp, angular, stabbing. I concentrated and summoned energy from my large pieces of orgonite at home and pushed the pain away. I stopped, turned towards the tower, and with a clear head *DARED* anyone, anything to come at me again. I stood there for a good 30 seconds awaiting a response. Nothing.. I was saddened, for in that moment, I was prepared for anything. I knew absolutely no fear; if you have had this feeling than you know exactly what I mean. But still nothing, no physical or mental manifestations, even though I could feel hate and disgust coming from somewhere from what I had just done.

Now I dare ask publicly.. Am I insane? Is this all imagined? Is my dream just a manifestation of 'fears' or strange ideas put in my head? Or am I being instructed and informed of sensitive energies? Is someone or something, trying to communicate with me through symbolism and different manifestations?

I ask my intuition daily and keep clinging to the latter explanation. My gut tells me that I was shown orgonite, taught how to create orgonite, given/giving orgonite away free to people, for a REASON. I'm not quite sure what that reason is to be completely honest.. But I have done these things, with my spirit interested and passionate throughout this whole journey, which started back in late 08, almost a year ago. Only recently have I began creating it and gifting people and soon more places. A couple friends are interested in what I am doing, but I think I am trying to reach out for further confirmation from others. A man I respect and gave a beautiful piece to, told me that my purpose is still unfolding itself to me and that orgonite is a big part of it. How could he know this? Is it true? I have asked myself time and time again and still feel the ringing of truth in his words.

Why do you all make orgonite? How do we know it truly works? Will spiritual beings reveal themselves and their messages as I farther meander down the path, alone if I must? I do not ask in skepticism, for I have my faith and personal experience. I am voicing my inner thoughts to you all, hoping that others have encountered these feelings / experiences. Regardless, I will be making more, gifting more. The voices inside my head keep telling me to. My soul craves it and rejoices with each new piece I am able to create. I have over two dozen now.. I notice effects when I am not near it...

Sorry for the long, rambling note.
Thank you for reading!!
I would truly appreciate any response and value all of your opinions.

May Peace & Love abound in your presence,

~Brad Very Happy
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Brad,
Thanks for the wonderful post. As this concerns orgonite and asks some very good questions, would you please post this on WarriorMatrix ? It is worthy of the boards attention.
We use PsyWarriorMatrix for non orgonite related topics. When you post this on WM i will delete it here.
This keeps WM focused on Orgonite and PsyWM focused on other topics worthy of attention.

Thank you for supporting WarriorMatrix at:
Please, share...
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