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PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:34 am    Post subject: weird dream Reply with quote

I am supposing this dream was partially a result of acclimating to a new nano orgonite pendant but it was memorable.

In amidst a very long dream, one scene was in a fair type of setting with booths and rides and stuff. I was heading to a particular ride that used compressed air to shoot you through the air and launch you across the ground really fast without getting hurt. I saw my friend go shooting by at like 60 MPH through the lawn of the fair and thought it looked fun. On the way there in the midst of the crowd going that direction, like a herd, I was given a color brochure, vivid pictures, nice heavy paper of a new ride or funhouse type thing. From the theme, the pictures were scenes of martial law. In one of the scenes, the cops looked like angry dried out skeletal corpses beating up on bloody and bruised citzens, and the next scene it showed was equally terrifying, and so on. I was thinking "This is entertainment? This is brainwash propaganda!!!", and I tossed it into the next trash can I passed thinking something like "I'm not going to fall for this crap!"

When I finally got to the ride, I asked the attendant how it was that I wouldn't be hurt from hitting the ground since the weight of my body landing would probably hurt and the ditzy girl couldn't tell me. I paid my ride fee with a dozen eggs which she transferred to a different egg carton by dropping the eggs into it from above and of course broke one. I was thinking how dumb she was and that her boss wouldn't accept a partial dozen but he didn't even notice because she held up the carton and said like a simpleton "hey boss, look at how big this egg is! The carton won't even close all the way". And I thought they were both goofuses. The ride was anticlimactic and kind of disappointing. I kept waiting for the launch but it was like everyone sitting it a large chute on the floor with metal rails below the surface that were somehow sliding us slowly forward on our butts to the launch opening. Hurry up and wait.

And that concludes tonights entertainment....thanks for listening.... Laughing

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you know i've seen/heard of a lot of negative propaganda via televisions in dreams.. but never through a brochure! Razz

i would say hopefully not many people fall for this "new fun attraction" because...well.. let's face it.. a lot of people are really stupid and would fall for something like that.. maybe it was supposed to truly be a picture of a fun new attraction but you were able to see through the bullshit Wink

interesting dream, none the less... thats a dream that may need to be deciphered Razz

edit- p.s. let's hope that isn't a prophetic dream Razz
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