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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:15 am    Post subject: FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD- CYBERSHAMAN Reply with quote

Free software download. PSIONIC & RADIONIC SOFTWARE

Cyber shaman

Cybershaman Operating Instructions

Preparing for a session

The only required sequence for setting up a session is that the “Set” and “Send” buttons should be your last 2 steps in that order.

The middle section or “tab interface” has the 12 tabs underneath. The trial version has 2. Each tab can be configured individually and can have all it’s own parameters with the exception of the “global” settings, these being:

The recalibration mechanism( Keep settings, Continually, Every 25%) this is how often the frequencies for the “trend” are re-sampled. These settings can be found under the “Sessions” menu item on top.

The explode and implode modes. These modes provide 2 methods of energy delivery. The implode mode eliminates a field effect that is created in the proximity of the computer to envelop the user when in explode mode. The field can be used as a feedback or hot space where the operator can freely interact with the program. An example of this would be remote viewing.

When sending specific waveforms or energy patterns to another person or place you may want to exclude yourself from the process. Staying “connected” can be an energy expensive proposition. Cybershaman only needs a split second of your “focus” to lock onto a target and deliver it’s payload. At this point in most cases you would want to set it and forget it.

The time spent on each tab during the session. The “sequence” menu selection lets you increase the time spent on each tab or session. When a tab is clicked the session is displayed. While in operation Cybershaman will sequence through the active tabs (where a session is defined) at 20 seconds per tab. The sequence menu option increases or decreases this time setting.
The amount of time specified for Cybershaman to use for an overall run as defined with the “time” button.

The Mandelbrot feature should be used to create an image that acts as a sigil would. You can use it to make a solid connection with the software by zooming in on the initial image 6 or 7 times. This will create a Mandelbrot that will be “yours” since the odds that another person created an exact replica of it are almost incomprehensible. To charge the sigils you focus on it and click the round set button to the right of the Mandelbrot image. Once set it must be released and forgotten. To do this you double-click it and it will go away.

All other features can be applied individually to each session.

These are:

The color bath used with the trend. This is used to add a color to the session. When you click color a dialog will be displayed and you can then select of create a color to send with the focused intent typed into the “trend” box and the image overlaid on it (if you use an image).

The “frequencies” All the number displays can be set automatically by Cybershaman or manually by you. To set these automatically you click the set button. The individual buttons for the 3 trend frequencies and the 3 subject frequencies can be clicked on individually or set by using the up and down arrows to the right of the button these “scroll” controls increase/decrease the value in the selected frequency display. To use a stick pad you can click the manual button and the numbers then can be set from 1 to 100 an in many Radionics machines.

The tuning and intensity buttons can be used to tweak settings.

The “base” control is used to set the base for the numerical system used to set the frequencies. If you type in a 2 the numbers will be binary, etc..

The System control is used to select the numerical sequences used to do the primary text to numbers translations to prepare the Trend and Target or Subject for infusion into the vortex or vortices created by the quantum engine.

The “set” button invokes translation engine.

Once the primary translations are completed you can click on “send” to start the transmission.

The individual numerical systems are related to :


2 traditional magick systems

4 Cabbalistic systems

1 Fibbonacci spiral based

To select the appropriate situation to use these takes a bit of reading. In general the default or the “golden ration” should be used as they are generic in nature.

Physical , Mental , Psionic Modes

Physical would be used to cause a physical effect on a person.

Mental would be used for issues dealing with your mind, like emotions, Learning, Neuro Cybernetic Programming.

Psionic would be used to create energy fields, Thought forms, Perimeter demarcations, some agricultural applications, and weather control.

Use the examples as guidelines but there is no “wrong” setting, just not best suited.


Each session “pane” can have 2 images on it, one over the trend and one over the target. The 4 images on the top section can be changed for each session or “pane” by clicking on the “trend” and “target” labels, the diag button is for the center image and the image on the right can be changed by double-clicking on it as can the trend and target images.

You cannot change the center image by double-clicking on it you must use the diag button.

The tone button and the tone menu selection.

The tone button allows you to select a wave or midi file to use with each tab or “session pane”.

The tone menu selection turns the sound on and off. The VU on and off selections extend the Cybershaman program bottom to display a graph of the sound as it is played by your graphics card.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Cyber shaman tribe- support & info etc

Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

interesting stuff...just started to play with it after reading the manual....
has anyone her got any good experience with it?
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah, it looks fun. still getting my head round it too....

there is a forum there on the main wbesite where other experienced users share info etc...
you can scan over there & pick up some tips.

It is like having a radionics box on your computer screen, but with much more potential...

& this is the simple version it seems!
Together we have PORtential!
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This page with the basics vids may help potravina, rather than read through a manual she talks you though it..

hope this helps.

Together we have PORtential!
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